ARCTIC –  Alliance for Responsible Circular & Transparent procurement of ICT

ARCTIC will set in motion a world with 100% circular global ICT procurement

Our promises

Partner collaboration

ARCTIC will enable partner collaboration among value chain partners

100% Circular ICT procurement

ARCTIC will aim towards 100% circular ICT procurement in 2050


ARCTIC will cover mobile phones, laptops and data centres

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What you need to know about ARCTIC


Read about the origin and foundation of ARCTIC

The Challenge

Why ARCTIC is important and challenge we face

The Stakeholders

Clear Deliverables and Objectives

Our key objectives

The Approach

What does our process look like?

our team (founding)

Marcel Jacobs

Owner at CIRCL8, subject matter expert Circularity and Sustainable Supply Chain

Since we are in the phase of founding ARCTIC, we are also working on putting together a team. For any questions at this moment, please feel free to contact Marcel on

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