ARCTIC has originated by the strong believe that an innovative breakthrough requires open minds, collaboration, commitment and willingness to change.

ARCTIC is the global Alliance for Responsible, Circular and Transparent procurement of ICT. It is part of the Sustainable Public Procurement programme under the UN One Planet Network. This new alliance aims to make laptops, smartphones and data centers more circular and sustainable through the power of procurement. ARCTIC will bring procurers and market players together, creating both short-term collaborative action and long-term change in the sustainability of the ICT value chain.

The Dutch, Finish and German government have contributed to an initiative originated by NGO’s and CSO’s and resulted into Transform Together . Now it has been decided to extend the scope and stakeholders to a broader context. As such ARCTIC becomes the continuation of Transform Together and eleborates further on their input with the SOCIETAL stakeholdergroup.





ARCTIC will be set up as an independent, not-for-profit organisation, lead by a board of directors composed of leading voices from industry, procurement, government and ngo’s. The working groups active under ARCTIC will be supported by a dedicated secretariat.


ARCTIC core values

  • RESPECTFUL: for an active and transparent dialogue each participant respects the opinion of others and treats them equaly
  • REPRESENTATIVE: The program philosophy and information, values and opinions shared are protected by each participant next to representing those of its organization.
  • EXPECTFUL: As program ambitions and objectives set will raise expectations, each participant is committed and willing to actively participate and contribute to enable positive, measurable and impactful program outcomes.
  • COLLABORATIVE: As collaboration is a key success factor, each stakeholder will engage and collaborate with others in an open dialogue, understanding mutual needs, challenges and opportunities to drive innovation and the fulfillment of the joint ambition.