Clear Deliverables and Objectives

The initial focus of ARCTIC will be on making laptops, smartphones and data centers more sustainable and circular. We will push forward right from the start and create support for both regular and frontrunner procuring organizations and suppliers.

ARCTIC will;

  • drive towards a harmonized market demand by drawing up harmonized procurement criteria that link to global certification schemes, such as EPEAT and TCO Certified.
  • raise awareness and promote knowledge and expertise. It will provide guidance and training. Procurers and suppliers can execute pilots and share their learning experiences with their peers in one of the ARCTIC learning networks.
  • drive innovation by developing a collaborative ICT roadmap and set a course for sustainable, circular and fair ICT in 2030. We will look at design, change management and supporting policy and legislation.


Furthermore ARCTIC is a result driven initiative and therefor has very clear objectives. Have a look at them below.                                                                      


  • To increase transparency across the ICT value chain
  • With standardized ways of working, measuring performance and impact, communication or tools
  • Around a shared value model approach and funding


  • Value chain partners for 100% circular and transparent ICT procurement towards 2030
  • To secure ‘fast-follower’ stakeholders as participants via engagement, awareness and communications
  • In sharing learnings and best practices


  • An innovative circular ICT solutions and services across the ICT value chain collaboratively
  • Applicable goals, joint policies, common standards and a common definition of the meaning of ‘circular’
  • A future commercial and legislative framework for sustainable ICT


  • Innovative 100% circular ICT solutions and services across the ICT value chain in stages
  • Breakthrough innovations with stimuli and validating comparable measurements
  • Common ways of working, independent of maturity stages circular economy, and supporting communications to fuel partner
    and  end user/consumer demand