Circl8 was founded in May 2018 by Marcel Jacobs and Monique Schmitz from the strong believe that things need to change. Not only the way we look at the world, but most defintely also the way we look at business, value chains and people.Things can be done with greater respect for people, profit, planet, without forgetting the importance of simply making money. We notice especially at SME and upstream the supply chain that there is a lot of confusion, lack of knowledge and lack of transparancy. Often caused by conflicting interests, short term agenda and the difficulty to get all the right stakeholders involved. Next to this it is also a challenge to measure the impact and results of sustainable efforts. Nevertheless the external needfor responsible change either caused by legislation or customers drives organizations to act now.

Circl8 helps companies and organizations to define their way forward, by developing strategy,solutions and support. Our experience, international network and profound knowledge enables us to do this.